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Buying / Staking Protocols

how to connect

Merchants need to download Metamask or Trust Wallet to connect the buy function.

how to buy

MDC Coins can be purchased directly from the website using USDT.

Total Supply For Staking

Out of 21 million total supply 10% is available as staking for the angel investors.

staking rules

minimum staking amount is 500 MDC coins and is in the multiples of 100 and maximum staking amount is 10,000 MDC.Users cannot withdraw staking tokens before the specified time.

how to stake

After opening the software dashboard staking button will be shown. a user has click on that, he can choose the amount and time period for staking. then, the same amount will be deducted from his metamask d-app.

What is Illuminator

Satoshi is the smallest unit of BTC just like that illuminator is the smallest unit of MDC. 1 illuminator is equivalent to 0.00000001 MDC.


As BTC has become a great success in financial transactions among people to people all over the world, there are lot of successful alt coins has emerged in the field of money transaction and investment sector. But none has achieved the status of BTC and all the alt coins have came with defferent ideas to catch the market cap. The simplicity and transparency and the great security in Ethereum block chain are the key factors behind the BTC success. Here MDC also following all the theory and philosophy of BTC but following the proof of stake consensus instead of proof of work. That means no more mining needed, just buy it on market price and start trading, or simply keep it an asset and wait for the gradual growth. The total number of MDC is also as equal as BTC which is 21 million.

MDC value will reach to BTC value very fast as its following proof of stake consensus. At present BTC price has sky rocketed to untouchable hights and common man cannot easily purchase one. But MDC is coming with a great offer for new investors in cryptocurrency as very much affordable and accessible.

MDC has a long term mission to accomplish, the major funds will be used to provide free education and free health to deserving people all over the world and support the reasearch and devolopment of agriculture in all the countries with the support of international organisations from both government sector and private sector.


MDC an actual alternate cryptocurrency for BTC in its all philosophy and functionality along with proof of stake consensus for its better stability and steady growth.

A Powerful Cryptocurrency

In Your Pocket For Trading

Bitcoin is our mother coin, and Satoshi Nakamoto is the father of cryptocurrency. By introducing the MDC in ERC 20 network and issuing only a total number of 21 million coins with simple philosophies of BTC, we are following the footsteps of the great man/men Satoshi Nakamoto, The Angel came to give economical freedom to the common man.

The world's latest traditional (BTC platform) cryptocurrency (MDC) launched in the presence of global economists and financial researchers from 56 countries all over the world.

Introduced in The ethereum blockchain ERC 20 "My Digital Coin", the world's best cryptocurrency, has been officially launched on 21/11/21 at Armani, burj khaleefa, Dubai, by world's best brand ambassadors and marketing companies. following in BTC's footsteps and by respecting and remembering the good work done by its creator/s, Satoshi Nakamoto.

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